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The Latest Adventures

- Out Now -
"One Weekend in Rio de Janeiro"
(A Project Phoenix/One Weekend Novella)

- Out Now -
(Force Protection Delta  Book 3)
One Weekend in Rio de Janeiro Charissa Gracyk_ebook HI RES.jpg

It was just a long weekend trip—what could possibly happen in a few short days?

Donovan Briggs, genius hacker extraordinaire, isn’t looking for adventure and doesn’t consider himself a warrior. Despite his brief stint as a Navy SEAL, dodging enemies and shooting guns was never his jam. So, he was thrilled to be recruited over to military intelligence.

Now, the former intel officer is on his way down to Rio de Janeiro to meet with a potential financier to acquire funding to develop a high-tech drone he’s created. A drone that would change the face of warfare and allow Donovan to ride off into the cyber sunset with billions of dollars.

Rio may be in the middle of its electric Carnaval celebration, but Donovan isn’t interested in playing. Until a gorgeous diversion with eyes the color of an autumn day sits down across from him at the airport and makes him reconsider mixing business with pleasure.

Kate Halloran leads a cautious, practical life. Traveling solo to Rio de Janeiro to fulfill a bucket list trip is so not her. Neither is falling for the attractive man sitting next to her on the plane. But she’s secretly hoping for a little excitement and, little does she know, she’s about to get her wish, in spades.

When Donovan and Kate are thrown into the adventure of a lifetime, both are pushed out of their comfort zones. But, after getting lost in the jungle, battling bad guys and succumbing to the sensual energy of Carnival, will they be brave enough to take a chance on each other once their magical weekend is over?

***This novella is a part of the "One Weekend" series and all books are standalones.

She was the one who got away and broke his heart. Now, fate is giving them a second chance, but a vengeful enemy has different plans...

Computer expert Zane “Banshee” Hawkins is part of Ex Nihilo, an elite black ops team. They’ve made it their mission to hunt down and eliminate an evil group known as The Agency. Zane might be a cocky SOB, but when he gets hacked by the enemy, he’s humble enough to admit there’s only one person more talented than him when it comes to a keyboard—River Larsen, his fake ex-wife. Pretending to be a married couple so they could infiltrate a terrorist ring had been the easy part. Watching River walk away after he’d suggested they continue seeing each other? Sheer torture.

When River Larsen answers an unknown call, the last thing she expects to hear is Zane’s deep voice. Especially since she thought he was dead. But Zane’s working deep undercover and needs her help. A firm believer that everything happens for a reason, she goes to him, despite the fact leaving him before had been the hardest thing she’d ever done…until she’d tried to forget him.

Although it’s been five years, the tension and sizzling attraction between them is stronger than ever. Zane is certain they belong together, but River’s cautious, tough-as-nails persona makes her wary. She’s a control freak, and being with Zane? Well, he makes her feel everything but in control.

To take down The Agency, Zane and River find themselves working together once again. But the moment she decides to take a chance with him, a dangerous enemy strikes with a vengeance. The stakes have never been higher and with everything on the line, Zane must work fast or lose the woman he loves forever.

***This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds a happily-ever-after in his own story.

What's Next?


Next up, I have a new series that I'm crazy excited about! It will star a group of former military silver foxes. The books will be in 3rd POV and standalones. Brandon, book 1, will release end of May/early June.

Then, I will probably dive straight into book 2. And, this fall, you can expect the fourth Force Protection Delta book, Inda's story. Things are about to get wild so you don't want to miss it. Then, right after Inda, I've got Saint coming. And, let me tell you, he's going to be a handful. But when he falls, trust me, it's going to be hard. That'll be it for 2024-- Braxton concludes the FPD series and is coming just in time for Valentine's Day 2025, and his story...omg I can't say a word, but prepare yourselves for chaos. Our stiff, unflappable former Delta Force man has a major, world-tilting surprise headed his way!

If you'd like to preorder Inda, you can below!

Project Phoenix Boxset
Now Available!

Proj. Phoenix Box Set 3D Mockup with ebook JPEG.jpg

Have you met the men of Project Phoenix yet? Now you can download the first four books for only $9.99.

Project Phoenix is a steamy romantic suspense series about a secret experiment that turned a team of former Navy SEALS into super soldiers. After an accident, the project is shut down and the men’s memories are erased. Now, one year later, the SEALS are being reactivated, their powers are resurfacing, and an unknown enemy plans to hijack them to create the perfect killing squad.

Reactivated: Oz (Book 1)
Reactivated: Dom (Book 2)
Reactivated: Jericho (Book 3)
Reactivated: Max (Book 4)

**This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds a happily-ever-after in his own story. You can expect steamy romantic suspense, former Navy SEALs, protector heroes, strong heroines, found family, action, intrigue, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, only one bed, he falls first, best friend's little sister, workplace romance, instalove, age gap and touch her and you'll never touch anything again vibes.


"An absolutely, first class, out of this world, phenomenal read.
There aren’t enough stars in the hemisphere to portray fully just how outstandingly unforgettable and beautiful this read is."

-Reactivated: Aidan

-Miss Victoria Andrews, Amazon

"There is no lull in this action-packed heated adventure. It kept me on my toes while fanning my face when I wasn’t laughing out loud."

-Operation: Dead Drop

Miranda K, Amazon

"My absolute favorite trope, Navy SEALs! Jack /“Oz” stole my heart in this action packed and swoon-worthy story! Charissa has given us such an amazing world to look forward to with the beginning of this series."

-Reactivated: Oz

Marie Evans, Goodreads

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