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The Latest Adventures

- Available May the 4th -
Slater Security Book 4
- Latest Release -
The Final Project Phoenix Book


"An absolutely, first class, out of this world, phenomenal read.
There aren’t enough stars in the hemisphere to portray fully just how outstandingly unforgettable and beautiful this read is."

-Reactivated: Aidan

-Miss Victoria Andrews, Amazon

"There is no lull in this action-packed heated adventure. It kept me on my toes while fanning my face when I wasn’t laughing out loud."

-Operation: Dead Drop

Miranda K, Amazon

"My absolute favorite trope, Navy SEALs! Jack /“Oz” stole my heart in this action packed and swoon-worthy story! Charissa has given us such an amazing world to look forward to with the beginning of this series."

-Reactivated: Oz

Marie Evans, Goodreads

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