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- Newest Release -
(Force Protection Delta Book 2)

- Out Now -
(Force Protection Delta  Book 1)

When a growly protector meets a sunshiny damsel in distress, the last thing he expects is for her to save him...

Grayson “Demon” Ellis lost his former Navy SEAL team after an op went sideways a year ago. Plagued by nightmares and survivor’s guilt, Gray spends his time trying to cope and failing miserably.

When an old friend recruits him to join Ex Nihilo, a black ops team determined to stop The Agency, Gray finds new hope. However, their first mission forces Gray to return to the Colombian jungle where he lost his SEAL brothers. It’s a potential disaster in the making…until Gray meets a damsel in distress and his protector instincts flare to life.

The last thing Aubrey St. Clair expects on her last night in South America is trouble. But when she runs smack dab into the middle of it, a big, gruff, scarred stranger swoops in to save the day. Surrounded by rebels and rival cartels, Aubrey and Gray find themselves forced together and sharing one, very small bungalow.

Aubrey is a bright light while Gray is Mr. Doom & Gloom. A healer to his assassin, she believes in signs. He believes in guns. Yet, despite their differences, they experience an immediate, all-consuming connection and scorching attraction. The stuff of sparkles and soulmates, with the potential to smother the shadows inside him.

Except, Gray is a broken warrior hellbent on revenge. Aubrey knows he would sacrifice himself to avenge his lost brothers. Refusing to lose him, she must convince him to let go of the darkness before it’s too late, and his demons destroy them both.

***This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds a happily-ever-after in his own story.

When he goes rogue and on the run, he has a plan. It just didn’t involve his hot neighbor tagging along…

Former Navy SEAL Ryland “Rip” Mills makes his living as a killer. And he has no qualms about his profession or taking out the bad guys. He and his team are paid to follow orders, not ask questions.

But when a secret op goes sideways, and one of his teammates is killed, Ryland suddenly has a ton of questions. Were they set up? Can he trust The Agency, the faceless entity he works for? And, most importantly, what is he going to do with his gorgeous neighbor who just stumbled into his apartment and saw a dead body in his living room?

Harper Grant has been intrigued by her new neighbor since the moment she laid eyes on him. So, when the sun-bronzed god finally asks her out, she can’t say yes fast enough. After he’s a no-show for their date, however, she storms over to confront him. The last thing she expects is to be pulled into Ryland’s dangerous world of conspiracy and betrayal, tossed over his strong shoulder when bullets start flying, and carried to safety.

As doubts surface and enemies close in, Ryland no longer knows who he can trust and begins to suspect one of his own teammates may be playing both sides. Only one thing is crystal clear—The Agency wants his team dead. The hunters have become the hunted.

Now, Ryland must use all his deadly skills to stay one step ahead of an enemy who technically doesn’t exist. He’s determined to protect Harper, but when the Grim Reaper comes calling, is there really any way to escape?

***This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds a happily-ever-after in his own story.

Project Phoenix Boxset
Now Available!

Proj. Phoenix Box Set 3D Mockup with ebook JPEG.jpg

Have you met the men of Project Phoenix yet? Now you can download the first four books for only $9.99.

Project Phoenix is a steamy romantic suspense series about a secret experiment that turned a team of former Navy SEALS into super soldiers. After an accident, the project is shut down and the men’s memories are erased. Now, one year later, the SEALS are being reactivated, their powers are resurfacing, and an unknown enemy plans to hijack them to create the perfect killing squad.

Reactivated: Oz (Book 1)
Reactivated: Dom (Book 2)
Reactivated: Jericho (Book 3)
Reactivated: Max (Book 4)

**This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds a happily-ever-after in his own story. You can expect steamy romantic suspense, former Navy SEALs, protector heroes, strong heroines, found family, action, intrigue, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, only one bed, he falls first, best friend's little sister, workplace romance, instalove, age gap and touch her and you'll never touch anything again vibes.


"An absolutely, first class, out of this world, phenomenal read.
There aren’t enough stars in the hemisphere to portray fully just how outstandingly unforgettable and beautiful this read is."

-Reactivated: Aidan

-Miss Victoria Andrews, Amazon

"There is no lull in this action-packed heated adventure. It kept me on my toes while fanning my face when I wasn’t laughing out loud."

-Operation: Dead Drop

Miranda K, Amazon

"My absolute favorite trope, Navy SEALs! Jack /“Oz” stole my heart in this action packed and swoon-worthy story! Charissa has given us such an amazing world to look forward to with the beginning of this series."

-Reactivated: Oz

Marie Evans, Goodreads

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