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How About a Free Prequel?

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New to me? Or just want to get to know the Blue Squadron Pirates a little better? Then make sure to download this free prequel to the Project Phoenix series which occurs a couple of years before Reactivated: Oz. You will be asked to sign up for my newsletter and if you already get it, don't worry, it won't come twice.


Jonah "Fish" Steele knows his career as a Navy SEAL is coming to a bittersweet end, and he and the rest of the pirates are ready to hang their fins up. Before they separate from the Navy and readjust to civilian life, they fly out on a hostage rescue mission. When Jonah first sees the dirty, blindfolded journalist, Alex Lyons, he has no idea how much of a huge imprint the tiny blonde will leave on his heart.

Alexandra Lyons, broken and beaten by her captors, clings to the big SEAL who carries her out of the hellish compound in Afghanistan. Haunted by what happened, Alex turns to Jonah for comfort. She doesn't expect their instant connection, but the protective paramedic does everything in his power to boost her spirits and help her believe she will eventually heal.

With plans to meet up after they return to the United States, they both believe it's just the beginning. But Fate and Project Phoenix have other plans in store for Jonah...

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