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Force Protection Delta


Coming Soon!

The Force Protection Delta series follows a group of assassins who work for a shadowy entity known only as The Agency. After an op goes wrong, they suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs and become the hunted.

You can expect former military, found family, forced proximity, protector heroes, insta love, assassins, plenty of action, intrigue and 3rd POV.

Project Phoenix

In this 7-book series, a group of former Navy SEALs uncovers a sinister evil known as Project Phoenix, a clandestine experiment that gave each one of them a superpower. Now, those powers are resurfacing, but the SEALs’ memories have been erased and they need to figure out how to stop these shadowed enemies from targeting them and turning them into the perfect killing squad before it’s too late.

**This is an interconnected, completed series and each warrior finds his HEA in his story. Expect former military, protector heroes, strong heroines, steamy romance, action/adventure, suspense/danger, a touch of sci-fi and 3rd POV. 

Slater Security

Slater Security is a spin-off series of Project Phoenix that dives into the dangerous world of former Delta Force spec ops commander Dash Slater who runs a private security company made up of three very tough women and a former Navy SEAL. Each book in the completed series is written in 1st POV and can be read as a standalone.

**Each book in the Slater Security world is a standalone with a HEA. In this completed series, you can expect former military, former CIA, badass heroines, protector heroes, steamy romance, action/adventure, suspense/danger and 1st POV.

Fortune Seekers

**This completed contemporary romance series follows siblings who recently discover each other and who are soldiers of fortune. As they travel the world looking for long-lost treasures, they end up finding something much more valuable—love. Think Indiana Jones plus kissing. Each book in this steamy, action-packed, romantic adventure series can be read as a standalone and is written in 3rd POV. 

Coming Soon!

I'm working on a couple of new things! My newest series is called All Guts, No Glory and is about a group of former military, washed-up silver foxes who come out of retirement. Think The Expendables meets steamy romance! Look for "Brandon"(Book 1) at the end of May. It's in 3rd POV.

I'm also planning to dive into Ring of Thieves which will follow Addison Mills, Ryland's sister from Force Protection Delta. The spinoff will be in 1st POV and you can expect some cameos from the FPD crew. There will be secrets, heists and all the usual action, suspense and spice.

Stay tuned for release dates!

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